Mental Health Inspiration

After reading each message/image, it is valuable to pause before moving on to the next. Reflecting on how the ideas can serve you is a form of self-compassion and care. Please contact me if there are topics you’d like me to address!

Happy May!
Want to change lives during this pandemic? This link has five organizations that have been doing magnificent work in saving lives globally, and you can donate to provide relief!
You ARE living through a pandemic – you will have great stories to tell in 10 years and remember your strength to just get up every day
And if you don’t have to force it, it’s a satisfying, enjoyable release that your body thanks you for :~)
Click on this photo for pure entertainment of this wonderful man dancing without knowing I was filming him. He’s listening to his own music while the music playing out loud is an airline’s ‘on hold’ music during a phone call. This is a time where we dropped everything in our life at that instance to change our flight and evacuate New York amidst COVID-19. Joy is often found in the little things!
These are along the lines of what I said to friend, thank you Lilly for having this conversation with me and bringing this topic to light

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