Kiwi (Dr. Anne Wyllie) behind new Covid-19 testing method in US that’s been labelled a game changer

One News interviews of me and Dr. Anne Wyllie. She discusses her incredible work with the Yale School of Public Health team in developing the innovative COVID-19 saliva test called SalivaDirectTM, while I push for its application in New Zealand (Aug 22nd, 2020).

Newstalk ZB Radio Interview

Detection of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases using saliva testing, such as by Yale’s SalivaDirectTM method (Sep 3rd, 2020).

Brief interview on Newstalk ZB radio. Here’s some context: ONLY 37% of New Zealand’s border and quarantine hotel workers have ever been tested during this pandemic (as of August). It’s clear that we aren’t ready to open our borders up to other countries yet which is hurting the livelihoods of many, especially the tourism industry. That’s why Air New Zealand wanting to protect our border with saliva testing is a huge deal as we could prevent further outbreaks

New Zealand looks to use saliva tests as part of COVID-19 fight

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