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Weekly Radio New Zealand (RNZ) live broadcasts

Listen to me speak with Jesse Mulligan on Monday each week at 2:20 pm (NZT) on National FM (101.4 for Aucklanders)! As Radio New Zealand’s newest Science Correspondent, he’ll be interviewing me on a new topic each time. You can also listen to all our podcasts here.

Mending the Divide Post-US-Elections & The Science of Motivation

Kiwi Steph Tan is research assisting the Yale School of Public Health and today talks to Jesse about the science of motivation and whether money can actually improve performances in people. You might be surprised by the answer! Also discussing thoughts on mending the divide between Democrats, Republicans, and others post-US-elections (Nov 9th, 2020)

Obesity is not just about personal responsibility, it’s strongly linked to social and environmental factors

1. Obesity is about a lot more than just personal responsibility

2. Telling someone to eat less and exercise more is a very common yet outdated, discriminatory recommendation that doesn’t address root issues (poverty, binge-eating disorder, mental illness etc.)

3. Just because someone has obesity, it doesn’t mean they have other health complications. You can be both obese and healthy.

4. Body shaming is never okay!

Listen on Radio New Zealand or on Spotify:

Why we still need COVID-19 testing after a vaccine comes

Click here for a radio interview on why we need to be vigilant even after getting the COVID-19 vaccine and will still need to keep testing. (Oct 12th, 2020)

The Science of Healthy, Intimate Relationships

Click here for the radio interview on research that shows the positive impact of committed relationships on your mental and physical well-being. Steph Tan is researching at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Yale School of Public Health. (Oct 5th, 2020)

Trust Your Gut: How Nutrition Impacts Mental Health

Mental disorders affect one in four people globally. One in six New Zealanders are diagnosed with a common mental disorder at some stage in their lives. It’s likely to be higher as there are many who suffer mentally and go undiagnosed. Click here for a radio interview to learn about how food and nutrition can reduce depression. (Sep 28th, 2020)

COVID saliva testing: The problem and why we’re trying to solve it

Click here for a radio interview on progress in implementing COVID-19 saliva testing in NZ, and see below for details. (Sep 21st, 2020)

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The new COVID test that could mean no more lockdowns

See here for the video of me and Dr. Anne Wyllie talking about NZ’s progress (Sep 8th, 2020) on New Zealand’s news show, The Project.

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Video also available below:

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