Short Statement on Racism

The overwhelming support for Black Lives Matter has been great. However, we can’t only stand up for what’s right when racism takes place in its most extreme forms of homicide and brutality. Racism starts out as the subtle comments heard in everyday life, which can traumatize many, if not all, people of color.

Racism is being told that you’re hot… “for an Asian/non-white person”.

Racism is condemning America for their outspoken racism while seeing yourself as better than Americans for being in a different country and believing that it doesn’t happen where you are.

Racism is admiring black NBA players but avoiding looking at black people when walking past them on the street.

Racism is supporting white people when they academically perform while saying that Indian, Chinese, Singaporean, Korean and others with Asian ethnicities are just ‘naturally smart’.

Racism is partying on Australia Day without acknowledging that the day celebrates the mass killings, incarceration, and land takeover of Aboriginal people (Australia’s indigenous people).

Racism must be addressed in all its forms in order to prevent its progression to the physical extremities that cost innocent lives. We must continue to stand up for black lives and all people of color whenever we encounter discrimination. Bless you all ❤

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